TV review: Sex Box, Channel 4


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What is it? Real-life couples have sex in a box in a TV studio, then discuss it with a panel of experts.

The Independent says: “It might sound like the kind of title-first-details-later gimmick that commissioning editors dream up in the pub, but no. Sex Box is based on, like, real science and everything …. [But] it turned out, even the courageous sexperts seemed to get a little uncomfortable during the post-box chat.”

They say: Daily Mirror: “Part of Channel 4’s ‘campaign for real sex season’, which aims to ‘reclaim sex from porn’. Obviously, the best way to do this was to invite people to have sex in a studio full of people, inside a weird box with flashing multicoloured lights that looked like an Ikea-bought version of  Doctor Who’s Tardis … it was  like being at a teenage house party while you waited for your mates to stop snogging so you could get on with your night.”

Time Out: “Once it calms down and gets over itself, Sex Box is way better than it has any right to be … earnest, likeable and good-hearted.”

You say: @Jesse_YTC: “This Sex Box thing is obscene”

@_Abiiiigaiiiil_: “sat inbetween my parents on the sofa not  realising they had that sex box prog on … #awks”

Details: watch again, until 7 Nov;