Angry, White and Proud: New documentary delves into Britain's 'new far-right'

Angry, White and Proud looks at the far-right in the UK

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In the aftermath of last week's attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo by Islamic militants in France and the wave of both pro- and anti-Muslim rallies in Germany, a new documentary from Channel 4 hits the UK's screens at a particularly pertinent moment.

The documentary, Angry, White and Proud, will air tonight and takes an in-depth look at the far-right in the UK, particularly the Islamophobic nature of the movement.

It comes as Ukip leader Nigel Farage has alleges that there are "no-go zones" for non-Muslims in large French cities while discussing the Paris attacks which killed 17 people, and he claimed that in the UK lessons had to be learnt about the failure "gross policy of multiculturalism".

Director Jamie Roberts spent a year getting to know members of splinter far-right groups that have emerged since the gradual weakening of the English Defence League (EDL).

This new breed of the far-right shows men calling themselves "patriots", although they are not afraid of describing themselves as racist and that they hate Muslims.

Twitter reacts to Angry, White and Proud

Roberts meets a former nightclub DJ called Colin from South London. He has been part of the nationalist movement for six years and set up the group "The South London Infidels". In one early exchange, Roberts asks Colin abouts his views on Islam. He replies, "I'm extremely racist against Muslims. I f***ing hate them. I hate them with a passion, more than I hate West Ham Football Club, and that’s saying something because I hate them b******s."

Roberts follows the new splinter groups through street protests, police arrests, as well as their domestic lives. Video shows a march on Brighton resulting in violent clashes between the far-right and what they term "the lefties", anti-fascist protesters who restrict the ability of the splinter groups to conduct their march.

One far-right member, Paul, comments, "This is the grim reality of England in 2014. A country tearing itself apart." Footage shows that after the march fights broke out on the side streets of Brighton, with the new splinter groups proving to be leaderless and therefore more violent and confrontational; much harder to control.

The documentary notes that both Colin and Paul have parents who were not born in England; Colin's mother is Italian, while Paul is half Cypriot.

Angry, White and Proud airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.