Broadcasting conference redefines television

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The acronym for NAB, National Association of Broadcasters, isn't just about radio and television anymore, as indicated by the industry's largest annual conference, running this week through April 15 in Las Vegas.

The agenda for the 2010 NAB Show, called a Digital Media Industry Event, exhibits an evolving business at a significant transition point. As "broadcasters" shift to a wired world, more than 85,000 video and film content creators and distributors from 156 countries are attending the show.

The event launched with keynote speaker, Sony Corporation's President Hiroshi Yoshioka, who lead a plea for quality 3D, from theaters to homes. A timely topic considering the poor 3D conversion of the current box office hit Clash of the Titans.

Predicting a strong 3D television market ahead, Yoshioka presented the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer in 3D and excerpts from the Masters golf tournament, shown in 3D for first time on cable and online this year.

Others speakers include:
- Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO DreamWorks Animation Studio to discuss the 3D landscape on April 13.
- Stan Lee of Marvel Comic Books on April 14 on "transmedia" multiplatform distribution of content from films, television and other formats of superheroes like Spider-Man and X-Men.

Other hot topics include social networking, mobile TV, broadband, and augmented reality games - a new form of entertainment that dissolves the real and the virtual. Not only is there an explosion in content but in delivery and distribution through wireless, online, video-on-demand (VOD)/pay-per-view (PPV), and electronic-sell-through (EST).

Another session covers Next Generation Storytelling, with representatives from DreamWorks Animation, Hewlitt-Packard, Wired magazine, and Adobe Systems, discussing how advancing a range of devices will respond to the convergence of technology with information and entertainment - an overriding theme of the expo.