2 Cats, 4 Kids and 2,000 Tattoos - meet the stars of Channel 5's extreme body art documentary

New Channel 5 documentary delves into the weird and wonderful world of Britain’s most extreme body artists

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2 Cats, 4 Kids and 2,000 Tattoos features men and women who have transformed themselves from head-to-toe with an amazing array of tattoos, piercings and body modifications.  

It explores how the people close to them feel about their tattoos and body art – as well as examining how they fare at work and going about their daily lives.

The programme, which will be broadcast during the second week of April (date tbc) as part of the Brazen Britain season, focuses on three people as they prepare for a range of difficult moments in their lives

Meet the documentaries’ stars:

58-year-old Keith lives in an average suburban house in Essex, has a wife and four children and works a normal 9-5 job as an admin assistant. The only thing unusual about Keith…. is his £15,000 worth of full body tattoos.

Keith and his family have lived in the same place for 10 years and by and large, people are used to him. But he is now planning to move the family to a new area where people might not take so kindly to his shocking look.

As we see Keith search for houses, we learn about why he started tattooing and why he feels such a compulsion to carry on covering himself in even more ink. But we also learn that his wife Lisa hates his appearance. For her, he “looks like a freak and a monster”. And if she feels that way…. what on earth will the new neighbours think?



28-year-old Torz is single and looking for love. She says that men find it difficult to see beyond the tattoos and piercings and that she longs for someone to “not just accept, but love [her] modifications”.

She hasn’t been on a date in over 12 months, but now she’s determined to find a man.  We see Torz test the water at a speed-dating event, before finally plucking up the courage to ask somebody out herself…



35-year-old Matthew has covered every part of his body in tattoos. Including his penis, which is blue. So all-encompassing is his love of tattoos, that he’s even changed his name to King of Ink Land, King Body Art, The Extreme Ink-Ite; or just Body Art for short.

Above all else Body Art wants the world to take him seriously. He plans to start his own business. The exact details are a closely guarded secret, but he has booked himself onto a business seminar for aspiring entrepreneurs and he’s busy buying suits in preparation. But his family aren’t convinced by his tattooing obsession, as his dad asks, “Why Cant I call you Matthew?