Best TV shows on Netflix: 26 series to binge on

Dexter, you missed the cut based on that appalling final season

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There's nothing like a good TV series to while away a slow weekend/sick day/that half hour after you get into bed, but if you're struggling to find a good show to watch, here's 26 currently streaming on Netflix that you can bank on (below).

There should be something for everyone in there, from big budget dramas such as House of Cards to small-fry mockumentaries such as Trailer Park Boys, from the grittiness of Breaking Bad to the bitchiness of RuPaul's Drag Race.

There are comedies, cartoons, talks and documentaries, and series from the US, UK, Scandinavia and Japan.

If you're looking for a good film to watch on Netflix we've got your back too, and you can find more on the service's upcoming new shows including Better Call Saul and Sense8 here.

Click through the gallery for each show:

The shows are in no particularly order, and laid end-to-end make up over a month of viewing pleasure.

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