Broadchurch whodunnit quiz: Was it Nige? Susan? Joe Miller? Cast your vote now


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Last night was the penultimate episode of ITV1 murder mystery Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman. Seven episodes in and it's still no clearer who the culprit is.

We have been wracking our brains over who killed Danny Latimer for weeks. But with a flawed police investigation, an ailing inspector Alec Hardy, and enough intrigue, lies and misdirection to rival a restoration comedy, we're still none-the-wiser.

Mark Latimer, Jack Marshall, Susan Wright and Nigel Carter have all been called in for police questioning, but many viewers think that Ellie’s husband Joe is the prime suspect.

Will Mellor’s psychic character Steve Connelly has predicted the killer is close to the family with an “S” or “R” in his or her name.

Is it the least suspicious character? What about the granny? Or that suspicious older boyfriend? Or blondie from the hotel?

Who do you think dunnit?

Cast your vote now: