Choice phrases from Charlie Sheen’s broadcasting career

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As the news emerges that Charlie Sheen is due to take a starring role in the new series of Big Brother when it relaunches on Channel 5 later this month, has created a round-up of choice phrases from the loquacious actor's previous broadcasting career on his YouTube Channel Sheen’s Korner.

“I have the mind of a 10,000 year old man and the boogers of a 7 year old.”

“But I’ve been a good turkey this year.”

“Let them be the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of your saber.”

“Pain is a f***** myth.”

“Hold on. I’ve got people, like, trying to get through my brilliance.”

“A shameful train-wreck filled with blind cuddly puppies.”

“We need to cut off his face and wear it.”

“Facial or buttal?”

“It will drop their spleens off at their children’s tiny houses.”

“The other type of marriage didn’t really work for me, so I’m just going to marry a tree.”

“You notice how the word ‘hell’ is in the word hell-icopter?”

“The warlock of your jealous face sits before you.”

“A rotting cheese-board covered in the mould of their moral dysentery.”

“Can you smell the fermented puke that is your viscera?”

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