Couples Come Dine With Me: Channel 4 series returns with double the trouble

Couples to take turns cooking for each other in new format shake-up

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Just when you thought you’d had enough of catty comments, breaded brie and cringe-worthy drunken taxis home, Come Dine With Me returns tonight with a new format that promises to take on-screen backbiting to a whole new level.

Couples Come Dine With Me will see three couples competing daily for the chance to win £1000.

Relationships will be put under the spotlight as the couples give their verdict on each other’s compatibility, as well as their cooking.

The series will return to middle class suburbia tonight as three couples from Hertfordshire and north London take turns to impress in the kitchen.

Married for 27 years, Dawn and Simon will take on hipsters Darren, 32, and Sian, 27, who both find it hard to relate to multi-lingual lawyer Ayesha, 46, and astrophysicist Stephen, 42.

After Ayesha reveals that Stephen calls her “darling, sweetie and honey pie” over the dining table, the other couples have a lot to talk about behind closed doors.

Lady Gaga-lookalike Sian says: “I don’t think Ayesha and Stephen call each other Honey Pie in real life. I think he calls her Ma’am,” while upstairs, 55-year-old Dawn voices her concern that Stephen is “suppressed”.

“He’s suppressed. I would think he is a suppressed man. I would imagine he went to a boarding school where his whole emotions and…I’m getting a bit philosophical now!,” she says, before her husband Simon interrupts to tell her to stop talking “baloney”.

Come Dine With Me has always been great TV, and this latest instalment looks likely to get even better.

Coupled Come Dine With Me stars tonight, Monday 7 July, at 5pm on Channel 4