Cultural Life: Miranda Hart, Comedian


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Comedy: I have been watching the HBO series Girls. It's my latest box set. It's extraordinary. Lena Dunham not only writes and stars in it but also directs it. Which is incredibly brave of her, but makes complete sense as it's totally her vision. And it's fantastic that a network has let her creativity flourish without interference. We need more of that in TV.


I have the musical taste of a gay man, if am allowed to briefly stereotype. Pop, classical and musicals. I have recently rekindled my childhood love of the musical Annie. It's got some fantastic singalong songs. I love Mozart's Symphony No 21. My favourite genre to write to is country music – I have no idea why.


I watched the French film Untouchable, about a quadriplegic millionaire and his carer. How amazing is that film?! Funny, touching, life-affirming, sad all in one perfect package. And the fact that it is based on a true story. When you see a picture at the end credits of the two real-life characters you remember what brave and unusual lives people lead.


I am currently about to book to see Top Hat. Can't wait. I have always loved watching tap-dancing and that era is so wonderfully romantic, elegant and fantastical. You just want to be transported to Fred Astaire's Hollywood.

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