Downton Abbey series 5: New pictures suggest Lady Edith's fortune goes from bad to worse

As we also begin to learn the truth about Green the valet's death last series

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The murder mystery on Downton Abbey isn’t quite 3000 years old, but it feels that way.

It was way back in the series four finale that Green the valet died in suspicious circumstances, and we are still no closer to the truth – until tonight, that is.

Bates has been growing more sinister by the episode, but tonight we’ll see the turn of events don't entirely lead to the most obvious conclusion.

The truth behind Thomas’ odd behaviour is also revealed, leaving the audience feeling sorry for the nasty valet.

With Thomas also gone soft, Bates’s sudden return from the dark side leaves Downton desperately bereft of baddies.


Will Lady Mary do? She’s certainly got the haircut for it, a daring bob, styled by a comedy Northerner apparently on loan from Phoenix Nights.

She also refused to show Poor Old Edith any sympathy at all in her time of need, who is at the centre of the biggest storyline in tonight’s episode as the situation with her baby goes from bad to worse.

Lady Mary sports her 'daring' new bob

Downton Abbey plot developments are just like those newfangled omnibuses: you wait ages for one and then four come along at once.

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