From Oona King to George Galloway: the politicians who appeared on reality TV

Following today's announcement that Labour peer Oona King is to appear on Dancing on Ice, Daisy Wyatt charts the successes and failures of previous politicians who dared to brave reality TV

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Politicians do the funniest things! Like appearing on popular reality TV shows under the pretence they are not trying to further their careers!

It was announced today that Labour peer Baroness Oona King will be appearing in spandex on Dancing on Ice next year. The London mayoral hopeful will skate alongside Pamela Anderson and ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger. Baroness King told the blog Labour List: “I have no strategy! I just want to try and stay upright”. No strategy eh Oona, how does London Mayor 2016 sound?

Nadine Dorries’s recent appearance on I’m A Celebrity left her hung, drawn and quartered by critics back home. But the Mid Bedfordshire MP insists she appeared on the show to talk directly to the masses about her views on abortion. Although she did seem delighted with the press coverage she received on her exit.

Is it worth trading off a serious reputation for household fame? From Ann Widdecombe to George Galloway, we take a look at the consequences of politicians’ reality TV antics.

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