In pictures: From the mother of all on-screen monsters to the soap mums you'd like to adopt

Ahead of Mother's Day we look at the best and worst Mums from the box

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As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday we look at the TV mums you’d love to curl up with on the sofa, versus those destined to make your life a living misery.

Be grateful for your mum because you could have been dealt a far worse hand. Like Brassy Kat Slater, from EastEnders, who neglected to tell you for 16 years that you were her daughter, or Monica from Friends' hypercritical overbearing mother.

On the flipside, the mums among you should take tips from your television counterparts that are just down right great. And it’s not often that people on the box are nice people. Jessica Brody from Homeland is dedicated to the cause, always concerned about her brood and wanting to do the best thing for them, while Pamela from Gavin and Stacey is a total lovable riot.

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