Kavana in Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Meet the nineties pop star

He appeared in ITV2's reality series 'The Big Reunion' last year, and now the Nineties singer is coming back for more

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Nineties pop sensation Kavana (born Anthony Kavanagh) is best known for his hit single “I Can Make You Feel Good”.

His career began after being spotted in McDonalds aged 16 by Take That manager Nigel Martin Smith, but the young singer found it hard to deal with the pressures of showbiz life and began taking drugs and drinking heavily to cope.

In the past year he has revived his music career, joining boy band 5th Story along with Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt, Gareth Gates and Kenzie from Blazin' Squad as part of ITV2’s The Big Reunion series.


Age: 37

Why is he there? “You get to meet people from all walks of life and you get paid for it. It was January and I wasn’t doing anything so I thought, ‘Why not?’”.

What can we expect in the house? The pop star thinks he will probably inadvertently burst into song around the house, adding “It’ll probably be something really embarrassing in the shower!”

Odds of winning? 10/1

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