Live from BBC Television Centre: one last quiz

How much do you know about the soon-to-be-closed TV landmark?

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1 The odd shape of TVC was based on which typographical character, scrawled on an envelope by architect Graham Dawbarn?

2 The statue of Greek sun god Helios in TVC’s courtyard is said to represent what? 

3 Eileen Atkins was the co-creator of which drama series, the last to be filmed at TVC, in 1994?

4 A 1967 serial, starring Susan Hampshire, of which classic novel was the first drama to be filmed in colour at TVC?

5 Actor Brian Blessed claims that BBC executive Huw Wheldon encouraged him to climb up what and attach a condom to it?

6 What happened when the fountain in the courtyard was turned on for a 1961 visit of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh?

7 Former footballer Les Ferdinand admitted in 2000 to being an “accessory” to the infamous vandalism of the Blue Peter garden in 1983, but what was his role?


1. Question mark

2. The radiation of television light around the world

3. The House of Eliott

4. Vanity Fair

5. The Helios sculpture

6. It flooded the tape recording department in the basement

7. Ferdinand admitted to “helping a few people over the wall”