Observations: Is Married, Single, Other the new Cold Feet?

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Married, Single, Other certainly has the potential to stand on its own two, er, feet. Penned by debutant writer Peter Souter, a former ad-man, the series gives a flavour of three couples at different stages of their relationships.

Lillie (Davis), who works in a women's refuge, and Eddie (Dooley), a caring ambulanceman, are a rock-solid couple who have been together 16 years. Babs (Abbington) and Dickie (Kelly) are in a far less happy place. Fed up with his internet gambling and failed money-making schemes, she is on the verge of walking out. Meanwhile, Dickie's brother Clint (Little) and model Abbey (Raison) are at the start of their relationship and he is trying to convince her that he has kicked his lothario habit and is now the settling kind.

So, the new Cold Feet? Maybe. "Of course, you never know what people will like," 30-year-old Raison cautions. "It could be that everyone will tune into some celebrity show instead."

'Married, Single, Other' begins on ITV1 on 22 February