Observations: Twitter time on Radio 4

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Times have changed since the days of wordplay games usually reserved for long and boring car journeys.

Twitter trends have now reached a group of Radio 4 fans who have invented about a thousand tweets of Radio 4 programme titles – minus 1 letter. "'Jus A Minute' contestants have 60 seconds to produce a tasty gravy without repetition, deviation, hesitation, or Bisto," tweets bopeepsheep. While another Radio 4 fan had the brainwave to adapt Humphrey Lyttelton's original into "I'm Sorry I Haven't Got a Cue", a snooker-based comedy panel show.

Tweeter talent doesn't stop here either. "Fedback" is now a radio show in which Roger Bolton tries to answer listeners' letters and emails, but find's someone's done it already. Best of all is "Woman's Hur", a look at Judaeo-Roman history through one woman's obsession with a charioteer.

It all started when Radio 4 announcer Kathy Clugston came up with idea for "Radio4minus1letter" in June while on a train journey. Her first proud tweet was "Gardener's Question Tim". Now it has become a regular fixture on Broadcasting House, a Radio 4 news programme, for Clugston to read some of the titles out on air.

More Radio 4 tweets include: "Lose Ends", an invited panel have to find the end of a Sellotape roll, "Taking a Stan" in which Fergal Keane talks to rap star M&M and "Omens Hour", where a black cat and a man who once broke a mirror discuss the ideas of March. While in "The NES Quiz", Sandi Toksvig grills Punt and Dennis on game consoles that never quite caught on.