One-click Wonder: Banned!

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Angelina Jolie has found herself banished from UK screens after a TV spot plugging the DVD release of her film Wanted was pulled for glamorising violence. Here we unearth other famous ads to have incurred the watchdogs’ wrath...


Its "You’ve Been Tangoed" campaign starring an orange man who slapped consumers unawares was banned following a rash of copycat, eardrum-perforating Tango-ings in the country’s playgrounds.


Provoking outrage when it aired in the US, this 2000 parody of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - featuring a Nike-sporting athlete as slasher heroine - at least made a change from all that "Just Do It" malarkey.

Agent Provocateur

Considered too hot for TV, the lingerie firm’s 2001 ad featuring Kylie Minogue writhing on a mechanical rodeo prospered on the big screen, recently earning the accolade of greatest cinema advert of all time.


The food giant pulled its 2008 ad for Deli Mayo following 200 complaints about a scene of two men kissing, an act of wimpery which led gay rights group Stonewall to call for a boycott of all Heinz products.


DFS’s horrific campaign featuring actors air-guitaring to Nickleback’s "Rockstar" was killed off after it transpired they’d used special effects to make the sofas look bigger: surely the least of their crimes.