Oy vey! What's with another TV ethnic stereotype?


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What's nice, as a member of an ethnic minority, is when your culture is celebrated by the mainstream. And the Jewish community is a minority all right, making up just 0.4 per cent of the British population.

Yet, somehow, news that Channel 4 has launched a hunt for the Jewish Mum of the Year (in association with The Jewish News, which should know better) doesn't seem cause for a loud "L'chaim". Because it's just possible that the broadcaster which brought us "Bigger, Fatter, Gypsier" could slip into stereotyping. Especially given the mothers will be tested on tasks including cooking, event-organising and matchmaking (which couldn't be more niche if it tried).

Even more so given the launch was accompanied by a description of said mums as "excessive, overprotective, neurotically anxious and ever-present" and their children as "Jewish princesses and over-pampered Bar Mitzvah boys". Oy! Does that mean that my mum, who fits into none of these sexist or racist categories, is out of the running?