Parties: DJs in DJs? Fat chance

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An odd bunch of radioheads of all shapes and sizes made their way to the Sony Radio Academy Awards at London's swanky Grosvenor House Hotel on Monday night. Normally imagined with headphones strapped on, safely tucked away in a recording studio – their curious lumps and bumps happily hidden – tonight the DJs were out in full force, casually flouting the black-tie dress code.

One guest wore green jeans complete with tunic and bright trainers, as if strolling around an art gallery in Shoreditch. Chris Evans – whose compere duties featured several poor attempts at stand-up – topped the lot, arriving in ludicrous street garb; a banana-yellow T-shirt and red boxers revealed by black trousers that practically hung below the watershed. Thankfully he changed.

Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri mused that should anyone be looking for her after the ceremony, they could find her slumped in the corner, heavily drinking and being "professionally Scottish". While in the loos, the acerbic radio DJ Lauren Laverne (clutching a suitably "mouthy" Lulu Guinness bag) doled out free cosmetic counsel between awards: "If you're going to wear a statement lip colour then you've got to keep on top of that bad boy." Sound advice.

Only QC Michael Mansfield gleamed, in dapper white dinner jacket and dickie bow. Here to present an award, he had time to dole out a severe warning to our leaders, too. "Given what politicians are up to these days they should be listening to community radio as a matter of obligation," he griped. Nice to see there is room for a dirty political debate even at a glitzy awards bash.