Staying in and going out: When did Sunday night become the new Friday?


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Back in the mid-1990s, there was no contest as to which night ruled the comedy waves. It was Fridays on Channel 4 when the broadcaster ran various combinations of Friends, Frasier, and others.

The show that's been carrying the network's flag for quality Friday sitcoms for the past decade is Peep Show, which returns for an eighth series on Sunday night at 10pm.

On BBC3, Him & Her has also moved to a 10pm Sunday slot.

So is Sunday the new Friday? Is it because target audiences are at the pub? Well, the idea of most of the audience being out on Friday is a bit of a myth, says C4's spokesperson. What is different for C4 now is that it has the hugely popular Homeland to lead viewers from the double-crossing world of the CIA into Mark and Jeremy's double-crossing world of mid-life terror.