Television choices: Another walk down the mean streets of misogyny in Luther


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TV pick of the week: Luther

Tuesday 9pm BBC1

Oh dear… just weeks after The Fall came to its (deeply unsatisfactory) conclusion amid accusations that it glamorised violence against women, here are more attractive young females undressing for bed before meeting grisly deaths at the hands of a male intruder. The third series of Luther finds Idris Elba's maverick detective hunting this "fetish killer" (the fetish seems to involve an extreme case of nostalgia for the early Eighties), as well as an internet troll who has been trussed up and slain in his tower block apartment. Meanwhile, DS Ripley (Warren Brown) is being coerced into snitching on his boss in a typically far-fetched Luther storyline once again held together by Elba's powerful screen presence.

Glastonbury 2013

Saturday 10.30pm BBC2

The Rolling Stones' Glasto debut is the highlight of this highlights package, while there's also some Primal Scream (a very Stones-influenced band, I've always thought – so that may be too much of a good thing) and Elvis Costello. BBC3 caters for the non baby-boomers, starting at 7pm with the soul tones of Laura Mvula, and Twickenham's Noah and the Whale.

Rich Hall's You Can Go to Hell, I'm Going to Texas

Sunday 9pm & 2.30am BBC4

A sort of American Jonathan Meades, the comedian Rich Hall sounds like he's talking from the wrong end of a stomach ulcer as he anatomises the state of Texas – actually, more of a heady state of mind comprising oil, cattle, Davy Crockett, plastic soap operas and businessmen who may or may not have assassinated JFK.

Coming Up

Monday 11.05pm Channel 4

Channel 4's annual showcase for emerging talent begins with the nicely understated tale of a desperate unemployed mother, who leaves her two-year-old son in a park playground in the hope that someone else might give him a better life. The tyro writer and director are John Donnelly and Michael Pearce. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Joseph Gilgun star.

Paul McCartney & Wings: Rockshow

Friday 9pm & 1.10am BBC4

If you ever needed reminding of the value of the punk revolution, it's all here in this recording of the final concert in the 1976 Wings world tour that gave us the album Wings over America. But then I was never a fan, unlike the 67,000 worshippers in Seattle, mouthing along to "Jet", "Live and Let Die" and soppier items from the Beatles back catalogue.

Summer's Supermarket Secrets

Thursday 9pm BBC1

As a consumer journalist, Gregg Wallace may sometimes act more like an excitable six-year-old, but his is an insight into the ways of supermarkets, from the birth of a new strawberry variety and range of tapas ready-meals to sales predictions – a 10 per cent rise in temperature causing a 300 per cent spike in burger sales.

Horizon – What Makes Us Human?

Wednesday 9pm BBC2

What makes cats feline is more likely to appeal to the punters, but Horizon can't feature moggies every week so here's Alice Roberts on what differentiates us from our nearest relatives, the chimpanzee. The religious may discern the divine, but for anatomists it's the size of our brains – that, and our tendency towards co-operation.