The Apprentice poll: Are you bored of the boardroom?

Do you fast forward to the very end to see who's fired or do you prefer to bask in the contestants failing their tasks?

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Do you only tune into The Apprentice at the last minute to watch who’s been fired, or are your bored of the boardroom?

Viewing figures after the first episode of The Apprentice series nine two weeks ago revealed that of the 6 million viewers who watched the show, at least 660,000 appeared to tune in only at the very end to watch who got fired.

Keith Watson, TV critic for the Metro, said of last night’s episode: “It’s getting to the point now where I’d just as soon fast forward through the task…and head straight for the boardroom and the director’s cut version of the all claws out bitchfest that’s the only reason we all tune in to the programme anyway.”

Is that really the reason we tune in? Isn’t the joy of The Apprentice watching the contestants as they royally mess up the tasks while thinking you would do it better?

The 25 minute boardroom scene has always been too long. I would much rather analyse the contestants’ performances and listen to their buffoonery (Luisa on a cow: “Is that a dog?”) than watch Lord Sugar on his extended soapbox.

Are you bored of the boardroom? Or so bored of the show you just tune in the watch the last five minutes? Cast your vote below: