The Saturday Miscellany: TV detectives; Lord Richard Rogers; Dorset Chilli Festival; Shuffle Film Festival; Raf Simons


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Culture clash: TV detectives

DCI Jane Tennison vs Detective Robin Griffin

By Holly Williams

Helen Mirren (who's in Red 2, out this weekend) played the formidable DCI Jane Tennison in Lynda la Plante's Prime Suspect with steely brilliance, thriving in a tough, masculine environment by being more fearless, focused on the job, and all-round badass than any of her male colleagues. Of course, her personal life had to suffer as a result…

Which always seems to be the case for maverick female coppers: witness detective Robin Griffin – a calmly determined Elisabeth Moss – in Jane Campion's current off-kilter BBC drama, Top of the Lake. She faces down the sexism of the local police force during her dogged investigation into a missing 12-year-old, but such single-minded commitment puts a strain on her familial and romantic relationships.

The winner: Jane Tennison

The deleted emails of... Lord Richard Rogers (as read by John Walsh)

Sent: 23 July 2013
Subject: How does this thing work?

Dear Ikea person, Look here, one of my younger relatives has bought a child's bed from your 'Kura Big Kids' range for their five-year-old's birthday tomorrow. They've now buzzed off leaving me to assemble the thing, with glad cries of "If anyone can do it, you should be able to!" But it's not that easy, is it? The instructions seem to be in Sanskrit and Xhosa, but not English. And how does Flange X61 connect to Long Strut X9? Please advise. Also, there seems to be some kind of canopy over the top. How's that supposed to stay up? Eh? Mind, you I've often asked that question about door lintels, church ceilings and suspensions bridges! But then, I've always had a partner to explain the science bits! And are you sure it wouldn't look better if all the nuts & bolts etc were visible on the outside? Just a thought!!

Kind regards, Rogers

Instant Ethics

By Ellen E Jones

Dear Ellen

Q. I got two bags of someone else's (pricey) shopping in my grocery delivery. Do I ring the shop?

A. Nah. Whoever has your own-brand products will be raising hell. Why make extra work for the delivery driver when you could be relaxing with a Duchy Originals rhubarb yogurt?



By Liam O'Brien


Test your palate with some fiery foodstuffs at the Dorset Chilli Festival in Wimborne St Giles this weekend. There's a cook-off for the best gallon of chilli, too.


St Clement's Social Club in east London is hosting the Shuffle Film Festival, with screenings and parties curated by Danny Boyle. 8-18 August,


Raf Simons, the creative director at Dior, has taken the traditional EastPak backpack and given it a couture makeover – with splendid results. £145,

Indy Index

By Liam O'Brien

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke pulled some of his music from streaming service Spotify, saying it rips off artists. The firm said it has paid $500m to rights holders.

Spotify has 24 million active users, six million of whom pay between £5 and £10 per month for no adverts and extra features.

Sam Duckworth of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly received £19.22 for 4,685 Spotify plays of his last album.

Per album stream, Duckworth received 0.4p.

American indie rock band Lower Dens said they’d earn $15,000 if 5,000 people bought their CD, compared to $900 if 5,000 people streamed it 20 times and $5,000 if they purchased it as a download.

Artists earn between £1.02 and £1.44 for a CD album sale.

When Radio 2 airs a three-minute song, it pays £59.73 to the songwriters and a similar amount to the label and the artist.

Lady GaGa received just £108 for one million Spotify plays of her song Poker Face.

In part thanks to music streaming services, music piracy in Norway has plummeted by 82.5 per cent in four years.

Jay-Z recently recorded the best opening week in Spotify history. His album Magna Carta was streamed 14m times in the US alone.


Thom Yorke pulls albums from Spotify, BBC

Thom Yorke pulls albums from Spotify, BBC

Sam Duckworth: Thom Yorke's right – artists can't survive on Spotify streams, The Guardian

Sam Duckworth: Thom Yorke's right – artists can't survive on Spotify streams, The Guardian

On Spotify and Music Consumption,

Spotify row: how do musicians make money?, The Guardian

Spotify row: how do musicians make money?, The Guardian

Spotify: 1 million plays, £108 return, The Independent

Music and film industries winning war on piracy, says report, The Independent

Jay-Z's Album Clocks Best Opening Week In Spotify History, Forbes