The Word On... Best: His Mother's Son

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"Difficult to do well and they didn't do it well. Script and storyline were full of cliches, and some awful moments like the moonlight chat between George and Busby. And they even managed to not make his rise to fame convinicing. Poor." - Sammy McNally,

"What a truly great docudrama. Dark, evocative, moving and showing the rise and fall of one of football's legends, this was riveting watching... a wonderful, moving and truly gripping programme." -

"I found it perfectly watchable and well acted, especially Barbara. George's accent, if a little middle class, held out well. My worst criticism was his mother's unchanging hair, which was somewhat unclassy. Could the BBC not have afforded a couple more wigs?" - Guppy,

"Michelle Fairley, who played George's mother, was an absolute revelation. She nailed the frazzled working-class woman, unable to adapt to her new life... Unfortunately, letting the side down was Tom Payne, who played the enigmatic Best. His accent merely flirted with Irish, and instead of becoming the brooding, dark-eyed George Best, he played it as emo." -