The Word On... Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 4

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"My thoughts were: Do we need to see Ulrika [Jonsson] on another reality show? (That's a no from me.) Do I care about a politician in the house? (Nope, seen it before.) Are things that bad for Coolio? (Maybe he just wanted to experience life in the house.) Will we have a Jackson every year? (If so, when are Janet and Michael set to appear?)." - Linda McGee,

"The programme has been ruined by the lack of live feed. It is no longer worth watching as we are only going to be shown what Channel 4 wants us to see." - Ex Big Brother Fan,

"On Friday night's 'CBB' launch show, I thought that Tina Malone may be a breath of fresh air as I do like an honest person who says what they think. However, she is not just honest, she is also brash and crude and she smokes way too much! Since entering the house, Tina has talked constantly about herself but in a completely contradictory manner." - Lisa McGarry,

"The only real surprise among the crowd was Ulrika, whom we'd all probably considered above this. Only slightly – but still slightly above it." - Swineshead, http:// watchwithmothers.