The Word On... Freefall BBC2

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"Apropos of the writing, and indeed the acting, it was all skilfully done; half sentences which could've parlayed into stuttering and clumsy segues avoided doing so and seemed entirely natural, as if this was a docu-drama. And the outcomes that may have seemed inevitable, turned out differently than expected and, overall, the moral of the tale was one which all loyal Thatcherites might do well to note: there's more to life than money and possessions." - primetime.

"It certainly got across the message that it is a collective mentality and lack of accountability that has got us into the state we're in. It was also a bloody good piece of TV in the best traditions of British drama as social commentary." -

"As one-off dramas go, it was a little subprime. The tripartite story structure, which followed a thrill-seeking CDO trader, a pushy mortgage broker and a shopping centre security guard with a bad credit record, didn't really make any attempt to draw the connection between the mounting misery of all three. But while some scenes stank of unreality, the logic behind the rampant borrowing seemed all too grimly familiar. You speculate to accumulate." - Laura Slattery, blogs/business