The Word On... Louis Theroux – A Place for Paedophiles

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"It was a brave documentary, unafraid to portray sex-offenders as the deeply flawed human beings rather than sub-human bogeymen as is often (perhaps rather conveniently) the case. One thing's for sure – splashing out £137,000 a head each year from the public purse to keep them locked up on a course of ineffectual rehabilitation doesn't seem to be the solution." - Stewart Turner,

"Excellent programme. Journalism of the highest calibre lives on as long as Louis Theroux goes about his business like this." - Jeff,

"The show didn't quite know what it wanted. In one respect, it was brave enough to humanise the child molesters (yup, they're people with feelings too), it obviously didn't want to humanise them too much for fear of looking sympathetic. What we were left with was a show that had a bold, big title but sadly, contained very little. There were interesting moments, but Theroux wasn't able to get under the skin of his subjects this time around. Maybe they were too guarded? This wasn't his best work." -

"For the questions it raises and the insights it delivers, it is required viewing." -