The Word On... Stockwell, ITV1

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"ITV did a competent job of recreating the day the Metropolitan Police did such an incompetent job and the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead. The introductory narration was unnecessarily hyperbolic, talking about 'a city gripped by panic and fear' and 'brought to its knees' in the aftermath of the London bombings." -

"Rather than a documentary illustrated by re-enactments, 'Stockwell' felt more like a 'Spooks'-like drama with a voice-over explaining what was going on, which was a rather unusual way to do things, but definitely added a sense of weight and accuracy." -

"Some reluctance arose [about watching it] because I didn't particularly relish seeing the visualisation of a horrific death in a public place in my neighbourhood on a service I use. I had to pause the programme at the moment the officers enter the Tube carriage to kill de Menezes as I felt overwhelmed with sadness and pity for this man, a victim of collective and individual failure." -

"'Stockwell' made no attempt to convey the character of de Menezes, nor did it concern itself with the unedifying aftermath. It merely related events and left us to draw our own conclusions." -