The Word On... Survivors, BBC1

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"I just watched the whole of this on BBCi. Thank God I no longer pay for a TV licence. This is leftist propaganda. The original Seventies series was much better, written by good writers like Terry Nation and Jack Ronder and Ian McCulloch. This show has gone the same way as 'Doctor Who'. If you're under 30, you won't know what the hell I'm on about." - airscrew1,

"I imagine the series will follow a similar pattern to '28 Days Later', 'The Day After Tomorrow' and so on. But the characters are what make it watchable; it'll be interesting to see how they fare." - Lynn, -

"Once it got going things looked up, apart from the clunky dialogue. It's got pretty much the entire BBC cast of regulars; if you're not in 'Little Dorrit', you're in 'Survivors'. I'll give it a chance. Hell, I stuck with 'Bonekickers' for four weeks." - John Beresford,

"There is the interesting possibility that 'Survivors' could turn into a utopian rather than dystopian study, and the bio lab sub-plot is intriguing. However, two episodes in, 'Survivors' is shaping up to be a dumbed-down, disappointing remake of the 1970s classic. " - Ben Austwick,