The Word On... The American Future: A History, BBC2

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"It is poor television, bad journalism and worse history. Schama is not a natural journalist, as this series painfully shows; and as a professional academic, he doesn't need the likes of me telling him of the dangers involved in making pot-luck predictions in the historical dark." - Martin Kelly,

"I found the first episode a bit patchy, and I'd prefer a less biased source – Schama is unabashedly Democratic – but there was enough to hold my attention." - Riz Din,

"Interesting, enlightening and absorbing, yet we never felt as though we were plunging into virgin territory. Simon Schama plugged gaps in our knowledge of America's history with his own biased narrative, rather than leading us on an objective odyssey." -

"The second episode, looking at American attitudes to war, is extraordinary. It is intelligent and insightful, dealing brilliantly with the complex and conflicting approaches that America takes to its military power. But I also found it moving. It is well worth taking the time to watch." - Andy Strange,