The word on... True Blood, FX

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"It's all pretty much better-than-average fantasy/vamp fare, but what really elevates it above the usual is Alan Ball's writing, the sexy, gothic, swampy, sweaty Deep South atmosphere and the acting. Anna Paquin is a revelation." -

"While trying to be edgy through generous helpings of sex and gore, the show is never really sexy or scary. The first episode is so labored in its set-up that it gets the series started on the wrong foot." -

"Just pretentious enough to avoid playing like grindhouse fare, letting its ideas (about race, gender, sexual orientation, what have you) simmer on the artsy-fartsy backburner while blood and lust boil away in the low-culture pot up front. Appetizingly pulpy and yet not at all crass, the series presents a new angle on the phenomenon of shows-so-bad-that-they're-good: it sucks hard and thus plays very well." -

"'True Blood' is that odd mix of kitschy, campy, over-the-top ridiculousness and weighty, message-laden social commentary. Alan Ball calls it "popcorn TV for smart people", but the average viewer is likely to find it at once addictive and stupid, intoxicatingly weird and confusing and goofy."-