TV picks tonight: Shetland, The Missing and the sports life story of Didier Drogba

What to watch on TV this evening, Tuesday 25 March

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9pm, BBC1

David Hayman and Alex Norton (Taggart – RIP) guest in the latest two-part story, in which a journalist dies in a suspicious car accident. He was on the island sniffing around plans for a controversial new gas pipeline. It also transpires he was a friend of Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall, left).

The Missing 

10pm, Channel 4

The vast majority of missing people return home after 48 hours, but 2,000 of them vanish into thin air each year, and this documentary focuses on three such cases.

Terrie Beardsley’s husband, Tim, drove off to a local lake where his car was found abandoned. Mark Whittingstall’s  brother has been spotted  on CCTV in Birmingham. But where is he now? We follow the understandably obsessed relatives.

Didier Drogba: Sports Life Stories

10.35pm, ITV

The Galatasaray and Ivory Coast striker profiled.

Culture Show: Savion Glover – Happy Feet

10pm, BBC2

The splendidly named writer Morgan Quaintance visits African-American tap dancer and choreographer Savion Glover in his home town of Newark, New Jersey. 

Secrets of the Vatican 

11.05pm, Channel 4

"A weak man who should never have been Pope" is one of several similar testimonies to Benedict XVI, who last year became the first Bishop of Rome to resign in 600 years.

This film reveals the reasons for his resignation – scandals that allegedly included paedophile priests, orgy-throwing gay clergy and the money-laundering Vatican Bank.