Watch: Homeland season three teaser


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A teaser for Homeland season three has been released, but fans hoping to know what happens to Sgt Brody after the CIA headquarters bombing won’t be able to glean much from the sparing trailer.

Damian Lewis, however, has revealed that Brody will not feature in the first two episodes of the new series.

Speaking at a Television Critics Association panel yesterday, he said: “He’s disappeared into a tunnel and exfiltration system that Carrie has affected.”

When Brody does reappear in episode three, Lewis said he’ll be on the run. “He is the most-wanted criminal in the world at this point,” he said.

Claire Danes also revealed more details about her character Carrie Mathison, who takes another dark turn in season three after coming off her medication.

Danes said Carrie will be in isolation for “a good chunk of the season”, adding “it’s pretty bleak in the beginning”.

Homeland will return to Channel 4 in early October after the first episode airs in the US on 29 September.