We're dreaming of a Weber Christmas...


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On first viewing you might think that the new Selfridges Christmas video was like all the ads put out by the stores to ratchet up the seasonal bonhomie. You get smiling pensioners; a ballerina at her demi-plié; a small child looking cute; a Santa having a nice time.

But then you remember that at the start, in noirish-white-on-black writing, it says this video has been made by Bruce Weber. So you know you're on notice. Because as anyone versed in Weber's photography knows – and it's hard not to be chapter-and-versed when he has shot for just about every magazine, everywhere – the bandanna-wearing snapper likes the semi-clad male form. A lot.

And, sure enough, he manages to shoehorn a couple of half-naked chaps in, both tossing presents about at just about the midpoint. And then he crowns the experience with another pair lying next to each other in a tent, looking out at the party outside. "Not your usual Christmas" runs the tagline – indeed, not your average Christmas film either.