What to watch tonight: TV choices - Monday 21 October


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Date My Porn Star 

10pm, Channel 4

A sort of companion piece to Channel 4’s recent investigation into pornography addiction, this follows three male porn users to America to see the reality of making sex videos. And in case Kevin, Jonathan and Danny are still not on-message they are introduced to a former actor who tells of ripped orifices and sexually transmitted diseases.


Health Freaks

8.30pm, Channel 4

Like a medical Dragons’ Den,  Dr Pixie McKenna and co-hosts are presented with home cures and must decide which to send for further investigation. First up it’s duct tape for verrucas and WD-40 to ease arthritis. Yes, really.


Monday Mornings

9pm, Fox

David E Kelly created Chicago Hope (among much else), but his new hospital drama, set in Portland, Maine, is sickly in comparison – and has, in fact, been cancelled. With British input from Jamie Bamber and Alfred Molina.


Cherry Healey:  Old Before My Time

9pm & 3am, BBC3

The consequences of over-consumption investigated, starting with the ever-popular excessive alcohol intake.


Iceland Foods: Life In  The Freezer Cabinet 

9pm, BBC2

Malcolm Walker, founder and CEO of Iceland, home of frozen sandwiches and the chilled doner-kebab pizza, may not be as extreme as “Big Nev” from The Call Centre, but he’s still a television natural. The toothy chairman admits to the company’s image problem, and to being worried by incursions from the giant supermarkets.