Which Mad Man (or Woman) are you?

Celebrate the return of the Madison Avenue admen with i on Sunday's special quiz

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1) Do you come from

a An elite background

b A moneyed background

c A muddied background

2) At work, do you feel like

a A young buck

b An old head

c A grifter

3) When your colleagues are smoking, do you think

a It's a disgusting habit

b Pass the lighter

c Here's a chance to be counter-intuitive

4) If someone offers you a drink at 11am, do you

a Have a whisky

b Have a whisky

c Have a whisky

5) When you have a problem, do you confide in

a Your wife

b Your mistress

c Nobody

6) When considering your life, do you

a Blame everyone else

b Fire off a witty rejoinder to escape the banality

c Have disturbing flashbacks

7) With regard to female colleagues, do you

a Largely ignore them, but mistakenly get them pregnant on occasion

b Relentlessly pursue them whether they're interested or not

c Casually flit between them as if you're their be-all and end-all

8) when it comes to your own work, are you

a A try-hard

b A blow-hard

c A hard act to follow

9) Is your success predicated on

a Cunning

b Charm

c Inscrutability

10) Do you hate

a Your mother

b The Japanese

c Authority

Mostly As

You are Pete Campbell, the weaselly upstart

Mostly Bs

You are Roger Sterling, the old-school roué

Mostly Cs

You are Don Draper, the maverick mystery man


1) Do you come from

a A charmed background

b A secretive background

c A strictly repressive background

2) Are you

a The prom queen

b The queen bee

c Royally fed up

3) Is your skirt

a Full

b Pencil

c Who cares?

4) Do you see marriage as

a Necessary

b Disappointing

c A tool of patriarchal oppression

5) Is your career

a Extinct

b A stopgap

c Your raison d'être

6) Do you take pride in your

a Appearance

b Efficiency

c Intellect

7) Do you see men as

a Status symbols

b Lap dogs

c Dinosaurs

8) In the face of adversity do you

a Scowl

b Sashay

c Argue

9) Is your Friday night spent

a Waiting for your husband

b Forgetting about your husband

c In the office

10) Do you dream of

a Crushing caterpillars

b A fulfilling relationship

c Making Partner

Mostly As

You are Betty Francis, suburban ice queen

Mostly Bs

You are Joan Harris, sad-eyed bombshell

Mostly Cs

You are Peggy Olson, proto-feminist career girl