Game Of Thrones needs better swordsmen and 9 other TV mistakes you probably never noticed

Shows such as Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones are among the culprits

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Even the best shows slip up sometimes.

From crew members peeping round corners to moving tattoos, TV show bloopers are easily missed.

Rob Lis from Screen Rant has brought to light some of the mistakes big budget programmes have made over the seasons.

See if your favourite show slipped up:

Huge programmes often require huge crews, who aren't always so easily kept out of shot.

Both Breaking Bad and Homeland accidentally include staff members meant to be behind the camera, while historical inaccuracies feature in Mad Men and Better Call Saul.

Continuity seems to be an issue too, with a moving tattoo in Orange Is The New Black and a forgetful main character in Modern Family.

Other shows featured include House Of Cards, Game Of Thrones, Sons Of Anarchy and American Horror Story.