Hot 'how to' video tutorials: make it big on the small screen from sex tapes to kids' shows

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These how-to videos will show you how to audition for a reality TV show. 

How to: make a great audition tape, get your 15 minutes of fame, audition for America's Next Top Model, audition for the Disney Channel, stand out from the crowd at a casting call, memorize lines, impress your casting director, and convince your lover to make a sex tape.

How To Make a Great Audition Tape For a Reality Show

How To Be Famous For 15 Minutes

How To Audition For America's Next Top Model

How To Audition For the Disney Channel

How to Get Noticed at a Casting Call

How To Memorize Lines

How To Impress a Casting Director

How To Convince Your Lover To Let You Videotape Your Lovemaking