Jeremy Clarkson dropped: Top Gear fans threaten not to pay TV licence

Clarkson’s departure continues to stir controversy

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The thousands of Top Gear fans who signed a petition demanding Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated are now threatening not to pay their TV licence fee in protest at the BBC’s decision to sack the presenter from the programme.

Clarkson was dropped from the show following what a BBC report described as an “unprovoked physical assault” on producer Oisin Tymon over access to hot food in a hotel.

The decision was met with a mixed response, to say the least. Columnist Louise Mensch blasted the move to dismiss him as part of "effeminate" and “wimpy” British culture, while broadcaster Samantha Brick commended the BBC for “finally growing a pair” and removing him from his post.

Clarkson live: Alan Yentob 'wouldn't rule out' BBC return

The news was not well received by furious Top Gear fans, who immediately took to Twitter to decry having to pay the licence fee in Clarkson’s absence.

However, die-hard fans could be placated by comments from the BBC's creative director, who said he would not rule out Clarkson making a return to the corporation on Newsnight.

In the same interview, Mr Yentob was quick to point out that Clarkson had “carried out a physical assault” against a staff member, but added: “Clearly, workload is one thing, the stress of the year, all the rest of it."