TFI Friday LIVE: Chris Evans returns for a Nineties throwback show with Jeremy Clarkson, Blur and Liam Gallagher from Oasis

The irreverent chat show returns for a one-off on Friday 12 June at 9pm on Channel 4

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It is 1996. England were good at football. New Labour was nothing more than the ramblings of a wild-eyed loner. Reef were a thing (Reef!). And Chris Evans and Danny Baker were rapidly reinventing British television.

Before TFI Friday the only light entertainment on offer was Bruce Forsyth in a tux, gurning at frightened families who only wanted a nice day out and maybe a new VCR. TFI Friday was ever so slightly different.

19 years on from its first airing, can Evans and co recreate the old magic? I am excited yet very, very frightened. Will the Jeremy Clarkson interview be illuminating or merely media mates slapping backs? What’s Ian Broudie doing there? Who are Years and Years? How in great actual earth has Kirstie Allsopp got herself involved? Will we finally get to see the Incredibly Tall Old Woman?

Most importantly, will it be as good as we remember?

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Jeremy Clarkson will make his first TV appearance since the 'fracas' that lost him his Top Gear job on Chris Evans' TFI Friday

Thank you for joining us for an evening of combat trousers and ginger hair. We hope you enjoyed the Ocean Colour Scene theme tune as much as we did.