New reality shows: get a role in 'Saw 3D,' find 50 Cent’s ancestors

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Sister channel to MTV in the US, VH1 announced plans to roll out 44 new original programs, an unprecedented programming push by the network. Called the Gen Mix, the selection is geared for Gen-Xers and late Millennials, aged 25 - 34, a slightly older viewership than that of MTV.

For now, the channel is retiring its previous notorious and tawdry shows, such as Flavor of Love, and other celebrity-based series with the performer looking for love. Instead there's a focus on broader young adult interests.

Shows include Do Something Good which provides a financial grant for a worthy community cause, Dad Camp which turns irresponsible fathers into respectable parents, a relationship therapy show, and You're Cut Off which teaches wealthy spoiled people to be productive citizens.

There will also be a good share of celebrity shows, such as 50's Roots, a show that features the rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) traveling to America's south to search for his relatives and ancestors.

Another show will be Scream Queens 2 - the sequel to Scream Queens where ten aspiring actresses compete on air for the chance to land a role in Saw 3D, the next film in the iconic horror franchise.

Actress Eva Longoria's restaurant is the setting for Beso: Waiting on Fame, a behind-the-scenes look at the drama at her chic Hollywood eatery with wait staff aspiring to be stars - while waiting on the stars.

Don't Forget the Lyrics is a musical game show that premieres in September hosted by the lead singer of the 1990s group Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath.

Also, Confessions of Rock Groupies and Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend are on the upcoming slate as well as concert series - and 32 more shows in the schedule.