100 Days Of Ukip: Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister in new Channel 4 mockumentary

What would happen if the increasingly popular right wing party won the election in May?

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Channel 4 has a good line in fly-on-the-wall documentaries. But the broadcaster is taking sensationalism to the next level with a spoof documentary imagining if Ukip won next year's General Election.

The programme, which will put Ukip leader Nigel Farage in number 10 Downing Steret, will feature actors and mocked up and genuine archive footage to chart the first 100 days of the right wing party's time in government.

The channel has previously broadcast similar "what if" programmes such as one in which Gary Glitter is hanged for sex offences and former Prime Minister Tony Blair is tried for war crimes.

The broadcaster said it will weave "real-life archive with scripted drama to tell the story of how Britain adapts to a change in government policy and political outlook".

Channel 4 Head of Documentaries Nick Mirsky said: "This is a very exciting commission from a team known for brave and thought-provoking television."

The film, 100 Days Of Ukip, will be broadcast next year.