60 Days In: US reality show sends innocent people to jail to help tackle corruption

The show is described as 'a warts-and-all view of what life is like behind bars'

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An enthralling new US reality series sees seven innocent people sent to jail in an attempt to expose the corrupt goings on behind bars. 

The Jail: 60 Days In was devised by Sheriff Jamey Noel following a rise in corruption at Indiana's Clark Country Correctional Jail. The participants found themselves rubbing shoulders with around 500 prisoners including first-time offenders and those charged with murder. 

Noel handpicked the seven applicants - who have never previously been charged with a crime - to live in the facility for 60 days; no officers, staff or fellow inmates were aware of their secret. Together with Public Information Officer Scottie Maples, Noel provided training ahead of their deployment in the prison.

They are followed by cameras throughout the day in a "warts-and-all view of what life is like behind bars."

Participants include a marine, a social worker and a mother of two young children. Muhammad Ali's daughter Maryam also features in the series.

The 12 episode series began airing on channel A&E in the States on 10 March. Making the most of the opportunity, producers went ahead with a second series before the first had a chance to gain popularity.

Reps from the channel reportedly told Business Insider that a number of corrections officers have been fired as a consequence of the series.

The Jail: 60 Days In will air in the UK on Crime + Investigation on 6 April, 10 PM.