85% of dads want their kids to watch the cartoons they used to watched, Netflix study finds

British dads are pushing Danger Mouse, US dads are pushing Inspector Gadget

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In a world where 45-year-old men queue for hours to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's unsurprising to learn that dads secretly still love the cartoons they grew up with and want to pass them down to their children.

Watching Netflix Kids on a tablet is slowly becoming the new tuning in to CBBC, and this gives parents greater control over what shows their children watch, and allows them the opportunity to slip in a few of their own favourites.

Surveying over 7,000 parents, Netflix found that 85% of dads around the world have already or plan to introduce their kids to the cartoons they grew up watching.

75% admitted that it lets them feel like a child again, with many respondents saying they felt a sense of responsibility in keeping past pop culture alive.

Two-thirds (66%) of parents now claim to be turning to Netflix for family viewing.

"The Saturday morning cartoon tradition we grew up with lives on with Netflix, but now families can choose when they want to watch those nostalgic shows together," said Erik Barmack, Vice President of global content acquisition at Netflix. "From Transformers and The Smurfs to My Little Pony and Pokémon, dads are passing down some of the greats already and we’ll keep adding more classics like new versions of Danger Mouse and Care Bears."

Excellent random nugget that also emerged from the survey:

'Mexican dads favour the Pink Panther'.