A Netflix app bug is mashing plot summaries with hilarious results

It seems the Recess gang are now into Devil worship

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An alleged glitch on a Netflix app is colliding the synopses of different films and TV shows to create surreal blurbs advertising content like a romcom about teens overcoming prejudice to save the eyes of dinosaurs.

It may be that the user is able to intentionally mix summaries of specific shows on the app, or this could simply be an inspired bit of Photoshop work, but either way I sincerely wish these films and shows could become a reality.

Who wouldn't want to see Patrick Stewart trash-talking his way round the universe? Or the Kardashians star in a silent comedy about life in the 1930s?

@SummaryBug has been faithfully cataloguing the glitches, but here's some of the most weird and wonderful:

Netflix has yet to comment on the issue, but will hopefully take it in good spirits. After all, it did last month upload an hour-long film of a rotisserie chicken slowly turning as an April Fool's gag.