Absolutely Fabulous film to introduce Saffy's stroppy teenage daughter by her Ugandan lover

Fans will get to see "the Chanel of babies" all grown up

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A new family member is joining Edina's disfunctional clan.

The Absolutely Fabulous film is reportedly casting a 13-year-old mixed race girl to play Saffy's daughter.

A source told RadioTimes.com that filmmakers want someone who is “self-assured and cool and naturally finds her mother embarrassing but her Granny amuses her.”

Saffy (Julia Sawalha) gave birth to a girl from her Ugandan lover in series five, with Eddie declaring her mixed race granddaughter a fabulous fashion accessory, calling it “the Chanel of babies!”

Edina’s long-suffering daughter married her African boyfriend John Johnson in Uganda but returned to the UK alone in the TV series after realising she was one of his many wives.

Ab Fab: Eddie's daughter Saffy played by Julia Salwha

Jennifer Saunders confirmed earlier this year that she had started work on the Ab Fab film and hopes to finish it by the end of 2015.

“Did I tell you that I'd had a bet with Dawn that I would have to pay her £10,000 if I didn't produce [the film] by the end of the year?,” she told the Jonathan Ross show.

“We had a live radio show at the end of [last] year so I produced a first draft by [then]. I literally vomited it out. On New Year's Eve it came out.”

Dawn French will star in the film, as well as Australian comic actress Rebel Wilson who, like French, is thought to have asked for a part.

The long-running comedy series, which began in 1992, has spawned a number of hour-long TV specials but has yet to reach the big screen.

Absolutely Fabulous returned for three one-hour specials to mark the show’s 20th anniversary on Christmas Day 2011 and New Year's Day 2012, in addition to an Olympics special on 23 July.

The release date of the Absolutely Fabulous film is not known yet.