After Broadchurch, David Tennant reveals new look for BBC drama The Politician's Husband

The actor stars alongside Emily Watson as cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes

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David Tennant has gone for a new look in the upcoming drama The Politician’s Husband, highlighting his hair to play cabinet minister Aiden Hoynes.

Speaking about his appearance in the political drama, Tennant revealed he had a certain amount of say in his new look.

“Looking at a lot of the political faces we see regularly on the news, I was struck by how coiffed they are. They often seem to go for a sort of Eighties soap star kind of look.

“But then of course that’s expected, isn’t it? You’re expected to look sleek and slick….So I wanted to find something that gave a sense of that,” he said.

The drama, a companion piece to the 1995 TV series The Politician’s Wife, stars Emily Watson as Tennant's wife and fellow MP.

The Politician’s Husband- as its title suggests- charts the relationship between two married MPs when a wife’s political career suddenly overtakes her husband’s.

The actor said he enjoyed his insight into the “intoxicating” political world and could see why politics appeals to people as a career.

“I can see why people devote their lives to it. There are such huge opportunities there, and such crushing disappointments, too. It’s sort of Shakespearian in that way. It’s like a history play in the making," he said.

The Politician’s Husband begins Thursday 25th April on BBC Two