Alec Baldwin criticises 'constipated' Donald Trump on James Corden's Late Late Show

'He won, but he acts like he lost'

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Over the course of the past year, Alec Baldwin has been dedicating most of his time into publicly expressing his dislike of President Donald Trump.

He viewed his appearance on James Corden's Late Late Show as no exception, using the opportunity to tear into the 'constipated' Republican.

Baldwin told Corden: “He’s President of the United States, and he still looks incredibly constipated. He looks terrible.

“I thought, when he won, he’d like relax and be more generous. He won, but he acts like he lost…It’s inexplicable.”

The actor also told the British host how Trump used to be a rather convivial person and “not at all like he is now.”

Baldwin has been famously impersonating the President on a series of Saturday Night Live sketches for the past six months - something trump himself has lampooned on social media. He admitted just this week, however, that the seriousness of America's political situation may see him give up the wig, telling Mario Lopez: “I don't now how much more people can take it.”

Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump

So synonymous has Baldwin's impersonation become with Trump that a Dominican Republic newspaper mistakenly used a picture of the former in place of the US president.