American Gods renewed for season 2 just two weeks after season 1 begins

The adaptation of Neil Gaiman's beloved fantasy novel has proved a ratings smash

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American Gods has been renewed for a second season just two weeks after the show began.

The series, based on Neil Gaiman's beloved novel of the same name, has proved a ratings-puller for the Starz network in the US and has become the most-watched property on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane and Emily Browning head up the cast in a series that pits the mythological Old Gods against the New.

Tim Leslie, Vice President for International Prime Video said: “We’re delighted to bring a second season of Neil Gaiman’s riveting story to fans across the globe. Audiences have responded overwhelmingly to season one – it is stunning entertainment unlike anything else and we can’t wait for the next series.”

The eight-part series immediately set itself out with an explicit sex scene unlike other you'll see all year.

American Gods debuts new episodes in the US every Sunday with each new episode arriving in the UK on Amazon Prime the following day.