Angry, White and Proud - Twitter reactions: 'The best explanation of the failure of Thatcher's educational policies'

Viewers were quick to point out the hypocritical views of the far-right groups

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Last night’s documentary Angry, White and Proud set the Twittersphere alight as only a provocatively titled Channel 4 show can.

The programme, which soon became a trending topic on Twitter, followed a number of far-right British extremist groups as they toured the country to protest about the demise of “English values” in the wake of multiculturalism.

The opinions expressed on the show angered the vast majority of Twitter users, who posted horrified reactions to the programme. Others responded with mockery:


Viewers were also quick to highlight the hypocrisy of the far-right groups, which showed as much intolerance as the Islamic extremists they were protesting against.


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